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where owners of holiday homes meet their clients.

Rent a Holiday Home is a subsidiary of Rent-HolidayHome.com and focuses on the rental of holiday homes direct from the house owner. Since its establishment in 2002, our mission is to be the largest open market in Europe where owners of holiday homes meet their clients. Our objective is to establish a link between the growing number of high-quality holiday homes on the market and the needs of potential clients.

Rent a Holiday Home focuses exclusively on the renting of holiday homes directly from the house owner. Thanks to our investments in marketing and technology, Rent a Holiday Home has quickly grown to become one of the largest and most visible independent holiday home portals in Europe. We deal with thousands of bookings every year.

Effective for tenant and house owner

Rent a Holiday Home is committed that finding a suitable holiday home should not only be pleasant and simple, but more important, produces the desired result: finding a holiday home that meets the high expectations.

For the house owner, Rent a Holiday Home is the way to come in contact with tens of thousands of people who are looking for a holiday home. With the different subscriptions, Rent a Holiday Home gives house owners the tools at hand to maximize their rental income.

Developments over the last ten years

Rent a Holiday Home expanded to cover 11 countries in Europe and 5 portal websites. The platform is available in several languages and the booking calendar has been continuously improved to meet the needs of both homeowners and their clients. On a structural level, the company is investing more and more in online and search engine marketing and the build-up of strategic partnership has resulted in an increase in the number of holiday homes.

Rent a Holiday Home retains a country concept where each house owner can decide who and when the house is rented. If desired, the house owner can go "cross the border" to get in touch with more potential clients from different countries.

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Conditions and Privacy

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All information is provided by (private) house owners themselves. Although the composition of the contents of the site Huur een Huisje reasonable care has been taken for best display, the publisher, editors and employees of Huur een Huisje, as well as the website cooperative offices reject any liability for errors, inaccuracies or any consequences of acting based on information on or available through this site.

Huur een Huisje wants to create a marketplace where house owners and tenants can meet. house owners can subscribe to a paid-service / subscription with Huur een Huisje to offer their holiday home for rental. Huur een Huisje does not mediate directly between tenants and house owners and receives no (additional) mediation / rental fee.

Reservations are always created between tenant and house owner directly. After a reservation, the house owner must take the initiative to create a genuine lease agreement. The house owner reserves the right to ignore any information or reservation requests. Any complaints should be directly made with the house owner. The advice is to report defects immediately upon arrival at the holiday home. Huur een Huisje recommends always carrying travel and cancellation insurance.

In our General Terms and Conditions, all terms for tenant and house owner to read.

Rent a house works with a Privacy Statement to protect personal data.

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